Uno Casa Cast Iron Wok with Lid

Uno Casa Cast Iron Wok with Lid

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The Uno Casa cast iron wok has an ergonomic, flat-bottomed design with two built-in handles and will make cooking weeknight meals a breeze! These cast iron woks are pre-seasoned, ready to use right out of the box and get better with each use. The flat, sturdy base heats evenly and works perfectly even on small burners. Thanks to predictable cooking temperatures, a non-stick surface, and unparalleled heat distribution a restaurant-quality cooking experience is guaranteed every time. The round concave cooking interior is perfect for tossing or stirring ingredients With the Uno Casa wok, maintenance is easy and the wok will last for a lifetime! BONUS ACCESSORIES: 1 silicone lid and 1 downloadable recipe e-book.
Made in China

16.5" l x 12.5" w x 3.9" h

8 lb