Steer Cowhide Air Freshener

Steer Cowhide Air Freshener

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This handmade air freshener is made with two layers of  hair on hide beef leather and has an absorbent layer in the middle that helps hold the scent oils so you have a long lasting scent in your car, bathroom, locker or office.  

One of the best parts of your new air freshener is that once your scent starts to fade, you can simply reload it!! You can come to Varnish and Velvet and visit our Scent Bar and we will gladly custom mix a scent just for you! Or we can mail your favorite scent in a bottle  and a send a bag with instructions on how to reload your air freshener. (But we do really like seeing your smiling face in our store, we even feed you sometimes :) )

*Hair patterns will vary. If you are wanting a specific pattern, we encourage you to come in store to shop. We love visiting with our customers!

**Your air freshener will seem wet when you receive it. This is due to the fact that the hair needs to dry outside of the bag. Please do not lay the air freshener on any surfaces as the oils can stain or irritant skin.